Johann Jacob (1) (Gallatin) Gallentine


   Johann Jacob (1) Gallatin was born around 1718 in Switzerland or Germany. In 1743 he married Eleanora Dorthea Maquinet in Lancaster PA. She was born August 14, 1724 in Schwarzenau, Witgenstein, Germany and had come to America with her parents. Their children included sons Johann Heinrick “John”, Johann Daniel, Johann Jacob (2) and Christian and daughters Margaret, Christina, Anna Susanna, Maria Susanna, and Maria Susanna. Johann Jacob Gallatin (1) died around 1780. Mrs. Eleanore “Galatin” married Phillip Rothrock September 21, 1781.





Johann Jacob (1) (Gallatin) Gallentine family



Johann Heinrick “John” was born 1743 and died 1825


Margaret was probably born in 1744


John Daniel was born in 1746 and died as an infant


Johann Daniel was born in 1747


Christina was born in 1748


Anna Susanna was born in 1751 and died in 1752


Maria Susanna was born in 1754


Johann Jacob (2) Gallentine was born June 1757 in Lancaster County Pennsylvania. He served in the Revolutionary War. He married Elizabeth Snyder, widow of George Ritenour, in 1783. Their children included four sons; Abraham, Joseph, Jacob, and Daniel and a daughter Elizabeth. Johann Jacob (2) Gallentine died in 1837 in Fayette County, Pennsylvania at the age of 80 years.


Christian was born in 1759


Eleanora was born in 1765






Johann Jacob (2) Gallentine family



Jacob Gallentine was born in 1784. He married Christina ?. He was engaged in the distilling industry.


Elizabeth Gallentine was born in 1786 and died in 1875. She married David Bruner. Their children include Rachel, Catherine, Daniel, David and Samuel.


Joseph Gallentine was born in 1789 or 1790. He married Sophia Warrick and lived in Salt Lick Township PA. He died November 13, 1875 at the age of eighty-five years. He held church meetings in his home for the United Brethren Church. He was director of the Salt Lick School board in 1852 and the township assessor in 1853. Their children included Daniel Warrick Gallentine, William Warrick Gallentine, Jane Gallentine, Mary Ann Gallentine, Joseph Warrick Gallentine, John Warrick Gallentine, Jacob Warrick Gallentine, Abraham Warrick Gallentine, David Warrick Gallentine and Elizabeth Gallentine. Son John was a minister of the Dunkard Church, which is a branch of the Church of the Brethren. This “Elder” is the father of Joseph “Gallatin” known to the Clayton Kansas Community.


Abraham Gallentine was born December 24, 1794. He married Elizabeth Lamb who was born May 12, 1799 and died November 28, 1886. She is buried in the Clayton Kansas Cemetery. Abraham was a lawyer and preacher. He lived near the central part of Salt Lick Township PA and once owned land in Fayette County PA. Abraham kept the Page House in Connellsville PA and served in the Pennsylvania Legislature because he was the only man in the community who could write. He was a large man of over six feet and was supposed to have weighed over 300 pounds. He moved to Springfield Pennsylvania to farm around 1863. He later moved to Davistown. This Burgess or Squire, as he was called, was a member of the Methodist Protestant Church. They had six boys and seven girls; Catherine, Elizabeth, Abraham, Mary, John, Joseph, Eli, James, Ann, Sarah, Jane, Phoebe, and Thomas. After a successful career, Honorable Abraham Gallentine, spent his last days in Ohio where he died at Hicksville, Ohio June, 1877 at the age of 82 years.


Daniel Gallentine was born approximately 1797 and died around 1835. He married Catherine Maria Senff.





Abraham Gallentine family


Abraham L. Gallentine was born January 10, 1818. He married Sarah Flock. The date of his death is unknown.


            Catherine Gallentine was born October 26, 1820 and died in November 1824.


Elizabeth Gallentine was born July 16, 1822. She married Jacob Brooks and died May 1, 1855.


Mary Gallentine was born April 14, 1824. She married Jaua Davis is and died September 17, 1867.


John Gallentine was born January of 1826 and lived only three weeks.


            Eli Gallentine was born in February 1827. He married Rachel Davis, daughter of Abraham Davis and died in 1882.


            Joseph Jackson Gallentine was born July of 1829 in Springfield PA. He married Phoebe Davis. He died May 2, 1910 in Morris (Whiteside County) IL and is buried in the Grove Hill Cemetery.


            James Madison Gallentine was born July 8, 1831 in Indianhead County,  Fayette PA. He married Rebecca Miller. She was born July 28, 1833 and died June 21, 1898. She is buried in the Normanville PA cemetery.  In 1853 James built a house in the small village of Springfield opposite the Campbell store. It is believed that he owned other property in and near Springfield. In 1881 he owned a coal mine on Stony Run in partnership with John Schultz. His was of the Dunkard Religion. By his first marriage he had five children; William, Thomas, Elmer, George, and Fannie. In James’s twilight years he married Elizabeth Long. James M. Gallentine died in May 14, 1908 at Normalville, Pennsylvania at the age of 77 years of “urenic coma”.


            Ann Gallentine was born May 23, 1833 and never married. She died September 25, 1850 in Hopewell PA.


            Sarah Gallentine was born February 11, 1835. She married John F. Miller and lived in Ohio. She died September 28, 1907.


            Jane Gallentine was born September 15, 1836. She married David Kennery and later divorced. She died April 23, 1895 and is buried at the Clayton Kansas Cemetery beside her mother.


            Phoebe Gallentine was born September 19, 1838. She never married. She died September 15, 1850.


            Thomas Jefferson Gallentine was born July 23, 1841. He married Eliza “Lide” Murray. He was a veteran of the Civil War and fought with the 74th Pennsylvania Regiment. In 1886 Thomas built a sod house three miles west and two miles south of Norcatur KS. He had four sons: Eli, Vernon, Frank and Webster and five daughters: Ida, Phoebe, Sarah, May, and Cora. Thomas J. Gallentine died June 7, 1921 and is buried in the Norcatur Kansas Cemetery.





James Madison Gallentine family


William Gallentine was born July 2, 1855. He married Harriet Jane Nicola and died October 7, 1936.


Thomas H. Gallentine was born February 7, 1861. He married Hattie Miller, was a businessman and a member of the Methodist Church. He died March 9, 1942,


Elmer Ellsworth Gallentine was born July 12, 1863 near Normalville PA and was raised on his father’s farm. German was the language spoken at home, principally from his mother’s side. He quit school at the age of 15 to go to work. He worked for a period in Illinois but returned to Pennsylvania in 1886 where he started to learn the butcher trade and dealt in the cattle business. He married Katie King on June 4, 1889 at Friendsville, Maryland. They lived with his parents before coming by railroad to Kansas in 1893 with their two small children, John Kelley and Ella and $200. Katie’s sister Mary and husband Will Leichliter met them at the train station in Lenora Kansas. They lived in a dugout schoolhouse on Plum Creek while Elmer built the soddy on a quarter section of land four miles south and two and one-half miles west of Norcatur KS. Katie taught in the dugout school during this time. After moving into the soddy, three children were born: Rebecca “Birdie”, James and Ida.  In 1898 Elmer purchased the land on Plum Creek where the dugout school was located and built a two story, five bedroom frame house into which they moved in 1900. Here the remainder of their children were born; King, Elmer and Ivan.  Elmer later bought a section of wheat land at Brewster KS and in 1920 he bought land in eastern Colorado with the intention of establishing a cattle ranch. He and Katie lived in a dugout on the Colorado property until his heart trouble caused their return to Kansas in 1922. They made a trip to Florida in the hopes that his health would improve, but returned to Kansas where he died May 27, 1923. He bought stock in the First National Bank at Norcatur in 1904 and became a director of the bank in 1908 He held this position until his death. He was a progressive farmer and successful in livestock raising and banking. At the time of his death he owned a large acreage of land and was a highly esteemed citizen in the community. His homestead included livestock sheds, granaries, sorting pens, and a blacksmith shop. A large commercial size grain elevator was constructed in 1914. Katie remained on the farm until shortly before her death in 1959. Both are buried in the Norcatur Kansas Cemetery.


            Fannie Gallentine was born in 1872. She married Frank Kooser and taught school. She died in 1936.


George Washington Gallentine was born at Normanville, PA on May 6, 1865. He was raised on a farm where he remained till he was 21 years when he went to Connellsville to learn the butcher trade. During his lifetime he was manager of the Union Supply stores. He married Lulu Miller. His was of the Methodist Episcopal faith. He died in November 1910 of heart failure.





Elmer Ellsworth Gallentine family


Ella Gallentine was born September 15, 1890. She never married. She died April 9, 1960 and is buried in the Norcatur KS cemetery.


            John Kelley Gallentine was born March 5, 1892. He married Zoe Goodman October 10, 1920. She was born March 19, 1897. They had one boy and two girls; Lora, Vanetta and Norman. John died on June 19, 1978. Zoe died on February 4, 1974. They are buried in the Clayton KS cemetery.

                        Vanetta Anderson (9/21/28 – 12/14/54) buried in the Clayton KS cemetery.

                                    Husband: Kenneth Anderson (unknown dates)


            Rebecca (Birdie) Gallentine was born April 3, 1894. She married Milton “Cleve” Switzer October 11, 1916. He was born in 1884. They had two boys and two girls; Elmer (Milton), Francis, Twila and Nola Jean. Cleve died in 1963. Birdie died January 1, 1973. They are buried in the Akron CO cemetery.

                        Milton (10/22/17 – 1/18/93) buried in Akron CO cemetery

                        Francis (1/5/20 – 4/12/02) buried in Ft. Sill OK

                        Twila Evers (7/29/22 – 1991) buried in Akron CO cemetery

                                    Husband: Merl Evers (1914 – 1999) buried in Akron CO cemetery

                        Nola Jean Spencer (8/3/24 – 8/6/07) buried in Akron CO cemetery

                                    Husband: Robert Spencer (dates unknown)


            James “Jim” Ray Gallentine was born March 19, 1896. He married Lucille Chappel June 14, 1921. She was born July 25, 1904. They had one boy and one girl; Wayne and Phyllis. Jim died January 18, 1965. Lucille died January 6, 1996. They are buried in the Norcatur KS Cemetery.

                        Wayne (3/2/22 – 10/6/95) buried in the Norcatur KS cemetery

                                    Wife: Elena (1/11/25 – 7/7/97) buried in the Norcatur KS Cemetery

                        Phyllis Garton (8/9/26 – 3/8/98) buried in the Norton KS Cemetery

                                    Husband: Chet Garton (11/13/23 – 10/22/00) buried in the Norton KS Cemetery


            Ida Mary Gallentine was born February 13, 1898. She married Fay Goodman August 23, 1922. He was born in July 26, 1903. They had one boy and one girl, Merrice and Merton. Ida died in December 15, 1980. Fay died February 18, 1981. They are buried in the Clayton KS Cemetery.

                        Merton (4/19/26 – 4/3/2000) buried in the Clayton KS Cemetery


            King Gallentine was born December 14, 1901. He married Iva Smith on January 1, 1922. She was born May 28, 1903. They had one boy and one girl; Lyman and Doris Fay. King died July 2, 1982. Iva died May 31, 1976. They are buried in the Clayton Cemetery.

                        Lyman (8/31/25 – 7/12/36) buried in the Clayton KS Cemetery


            Elmer Earl Gallentine was born November 9, 1904. He died February 14, 1906 and is buried in the Norcatur KS Cemetery.


            Ivan Fay Gallentine was born February 4, 1908. He married Thelma Faye Tapp on August 6, 1932. She was born November 4, 1910. They had two boys and one girl; Delores, John K. and Jerry. Ivan died July 13, 1982. Thelma died April 13, 1997. They are buried in the Clayton KS Cemetery.

                        Delores Slipke (2/2/33 – 2/3/05) buried in the New Almelo KS Cemetery

                                    Husband: Francis Slipke (9/13/28 – 4/26/94) buried in the New Almelo KS Cemetery


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