1954 JD Model 70

SN 7013197


This tractor entered the John Deere warehouse May 14, 1954 and shipped May 17, 1954 from the Kansas City Branch with the destination of Oberlin, KS. The tractor was configured as a wide front row-crop with a gasoline engine.[1] The dealer at Oberlin was Nitch and Nitch. My father, Ivan Gallentine, purchased the tractor from the dealership in June of 1954. A new JD No. 5 mower was purchased at the same time.

I remember the day it was delivered. Dad was pulling a 16ft. springtooth with a 1935 Model D which was traded for the new 70. The switch was made and Dad took the new tractor to the field to pull the same springtooth. It merely spun out as its tires were not as wide as was the ones on the D. He had to take the springtooth out of the ground a notch before it could handle the load. He was not pleased at supper that night.

Although it continued to be used for field work, its primary use was in the hay fields where it worked fine. In addition it was used to pull the grinder mixer in the winter for feeding cattle. It was always maintained well but worked hard pulling a four bottom plow.

Dad sold the tractor to me in 1970 and I also used it in the hay fields as well as to run an auger and wood splitter. As newer and bigger tractors were added, it was retired but occasionally it is used with the grinder, mower and wood splitter.

The tractor is in excellent mechanical condition with no dents and original paint.

[1] John Deere Company Archives