1953 JD Model “60”

SN 6015480


This Tractor entered the John Deere Warehouse Feb. 4, 1953 and shipped Feb. 5, 1953 from the Kansas City Branch with the destination of Oberlin, Kansas.  The tractor was configured as row crop with a gasoline engine.[1]


Through a casual conversation with Dale Soderland I learned that he owned a 60 that he acquired through his auction business.  The tractor was part of an estate auction and he had told the family that the tractor would bring $1500.  It did not so he took it at that price.  He figured it had few hours on it because the owner purchased it new and only farmed about 80 acres. The tractor showed very little wear.  I’m not sure when this occurred but at least 30 years ago. He stored it inside for all those years and used it very little.  He also painted it. I explained to Dale that I would be interested in owning a tractor like that if he decided to sell.   He called in February of 2004 indicating he wanted to sell the tractor.  I looked at the tractor and drove it some and we struck a deal.  In March of 2004 I drove the tractor home.


The tractor indicated that the carburetor needed cleaned as it would not idle well.  My neighbor Lee Eckhart and I removed it and he began to clean and add a new kit.  He found an adjustment screw was frozen and I twisted it off.  We then found a new carburetor body and used it.  I found that the intake manifold was rusted out.  I removed the manifolds and the head.  I had the head completely rebuilt through the John Deere dealer at Oberlin.  The new manifolds were purchased from Abilene Machine.  The new manifolds and repaired head were painted and attached.  New plugs were installed and timing checked.  Neighbor Lee had the carburetor done and the tractor was ready to start.  With minor adjustments to the carburetor the tractor ran very well and starts easily.  The total cost was approximately $600.  I have since added a three point attachment.  It is stored inside and does some three point blade work. 


The tractor has a good paint job and doesn’t show much wear.  It still has the original tires! 

[1] John Deere Company Archives