1940 Model B

SN 94055



This tractor entered the John Deere warehouse May 28, 1940 and was shipped June 19, 1940 to the Omaha, NE Branch.  From there it went to Lennox, South Dakota. [1] Information on the Production Record does not match its current equipment as the wheels are different.  It now has original spoke wheels on the rear and cut off spokes on the front. I do not know the reason for this difference.  Perhaps the Production Record is wrong or someone switched the wheels. 


I saw this B advertised in the September, 2006 issue of Green Magazine.  There was a picture of it as well as mechanical information.  The big attraction was the “original round spoke wheels restored and painted.”  The tractor had also been overhauled. After talking to the owner, I purchased it sight unseen.  I knew the tractor would sell quickly because of the spoke wheels. 


Lou Tjernagel was the owner and is a collector and restorer of old John Deere tractors.  He overhauled the engine to include replacing the crankshaft, new rings, head redone, new fan bearings, rebuilt the carburetor and the radiator was professionally cleaned.  He also put on new tires.  The tractor runs great and sounds strong.  It is a good old tractor. 

Lou said the tractor came out of South Dakota and was purchased by his brother from the original owner.  Lou then purchased it and did the overhaul. We brought it home from Saint Paul, Nebraska, September 11, 2006. 

[1] John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractor Production Record.