1968 Model 4020 John Deere

SN T213R192248R


   This tractor was shipped April 10, 1968 with a destination of Oberlin, Kansas.  It was configured as a row crop diesel.[1]  Its first owner was Don Shaw of Selden, Kansas who had an Egging Cab added.  Don traded it to C&H Irrigation Co., the John Deere dealer at Norton, Kansas and I purchased it from this dealer Oct.1, 1973.  In February of 1974 C&H Irrigation replaced pistons, sleeves and rod bearings.  They also replaced the PTO clutch and seals as well as checking the nozzles.  At this time the tractor had 3616 hours.  The tractor was our main farm tractor for many years and still runs great.  It has an Otter dozer attached year around.   




[1] John  Deere Production Record