1944 JD Model D

SN 155405


This tractor had a warehouse date of October 30, 1943, and a ship date, November 2, 1943, with a destination of Follett, TX.[1]† Sam Bruntz purchased the tractor in central Kansas and I purchased it from Sam and hauled it home from Bazine, KS, Nov. 23, 2005.†


Sam had overhauled the tractor installing new rings and redoing the head.† The tin is excellent and the tractor does not show much wear.† It is a tight old tractor.† It starts good but is stiff due to the new rings.† Sam also painted and put on new decals and the tractor looks great.† I donít plan on doing any work on it at all.† I may show it in parades.

[1] John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractor Production Record