1944 JD Model B

SN 154636


My interest in the Model B series began with a lengthy article in November, 2005 issue of Green Magazine.  The same issue contained an ad for a Model B located in Bazine, KS.  That particular “B” was sold before I called but the gentleman knew of another tractor in Bazine owned by Sam Bruntz who was a collector and restorer.  So Mr. Bruntz was contacted and we went to look at the tractor.  We purchased a hand crank 1944 “B” and hauled the Tractor home on November 29, 2005


The “B” was shipped December 9, 1943 to the Kansas City Branch with the destination Hutchinson, KS.[1]  Sam bought the tractor in northern Oklahoma but I don’t know when.  It ran good so he did some other tune up and painted the tractor.  He was an above average painter so the tractor looks very good.  He stored the tractor inside all the time he owned it.  It has cutoffs and Sam put new tires on.  It shows no rust even on the wheel hubs.  I am guessing that the tractor was nearly always stored inside or had some extensive restoration before Sam purchased it. 


I found that the tractor only ran well with the choke about one third closed so the carburetor was remove and overhauled.  My neighbor Lee Eckhart who usually did all my carburetor work had passed away in February, 2005 so it was necessary that I learn to do my own work.  Robert’s Carburetor Service does excellent work but would be about nine weeks before they could do mine.  I knew they had DVD’s showing how to overhaul the DLTX carbs.  So I ordered them and they were invaluable.  I cleaned all the passages, installed a new fuel nozzle, a new bushing for the throttle rod, a new float , float valve and seat as well as gaskets.  Also new sparkplugs were installed and the tractor runs very well. 

[1] John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractor Production Record