1958 Model 420-W

SN 130262

This tractor was assembled January 6, 1958 and was shipped January 8 from the Dubuque plant.  As with all Dubuque tractors no destination is given in the records.  The tractor has a 5 speed transmission, a Speed-Hour Meter and a continuous running power take-off.  [1]

We found the tractor advertised in the Green Magazine and was impressed with its looks and description.  The owner was Howard Miller of Friend, NE.  Following a phone call, we traveled to Friend to view the tractor.  After we saw it and visited with Howard the purchase was made.  We brought it home that day, March 30, 2010. Howard drove the tractor on our trailer and is pictured sitting on the trailer with the 420. 

Howard acquired the tractor as part of a 20 series collection.  A contact of his, Jeff Burns, found the tractor in Kentucky and delivered it to him.  Howard presumed it was used to cultivate tobacco.  He restored the tractor in 1995 and used it in local parades in Nebraska and Kansas.  It was a featured tractor in the 1997 Green Magazine Calendar.   

It was a real privilege to get to meet Howard.  He is a very knowledgeable John Deere collector and restorer, who is also a true gentleman.   Meeting him was the most impressive part of the trip.  We feel fortunate to own one of his tractors and consider it to be a trophy tractor.                                                                                          



[1] John Deere Company Archives