1963 Model 4010 John Deere




            This 4010 was shipped April 16, 1963 to the Minneapolis, Minnesota Branch with a destination of Pierpoint, South Dakota.[1]  It is a row crop, wide front and diesel engine.  I have no record of the first owner but the tractor has a decal identifying Day County Equipment, Webster South Dakota as being a seller at one time.  I purchased it at a farm sale east of Norcatur, Kansas, in December, 1988 and later that month a new Dual loader was attached.  The seller consigned the tractor to this sale and his last name was Kruse, who has since died.


            The tractor shows some wear but the tin is excellent and the engine is good.  The paint is probably original and showed evidence of being waxed.  I purchased it for a loader tractor and it works great.  It has had no repairs just normal maintenance.

[1] John Deere Production Record