1937 Model B

SN 28294


The tractor was shipped Nov. 21, 1936 to the John Deere branch at Minneapolis, Minnesota.[1]† Evidence suggests it was purchased new buy a farmer in NW Minnesota.† It was later auctioned at the farmerís sale in the early 1990ís and purchased by Eldon Moe a neighbor farmer and restorer.† Eldon, his wife, and son restored the tractor in 1995.† They then sold their farm in Minnesota and moved to Glasco, KS taking the B with them.† In the spring of 2006 Eldon died and his widow offered the tractor for sale in Green Magazine. †We visited the farm and decided to buy the tractor.† We brought the tractor home July 24, 2006. (It was 107 that day)

Eldon and family had taken the tractor apart during restoration and painted it before reassembly. They also added new tires. Due to lack of storage space, it set out for a couple of years so the paint had faded some but the tractor still looked good. I used some wax and a little paint and it looks even better. †It ran well and I have only adjusted the carburetor some and put hotter plugs in it. (W 69) It starts easier than any I have ever been around, usually on the first cycle.† It has been in two parades so far, the Firemanís Fun Day at Jennings, KS and the Mini Sappa show at Oberlin KS.† Itís a fun tractor to own, drive and show.†

[1] John Deere Two-Cylinder Tractor Production Record