Large Picture of Felted Purse

Felted Purse


Ann V. Gallentine



Finished Size: (approximate, depending on amount of felting): 8” wide x 8” high x 5” deep


Gauge before felting: 6 sts, 8 rows = 2 inches



8 oz. worsted weight wool

#15 – 24 inch circular needles

2 #11 double pointed needles

large eye sewing needle



With #15 needles and 2 strands of yarn CO 30 sts. Work in garter stitch for 36 rows



Pick up and knit 18 sts for side. Pick up 30 sts from CO edge. Pick up 18 sts from other side. (96 sts). Join and purl 2 rounds. Work in st st for 10 ˝ inches or desired length


Eyelet Round:

K4, yo, k2tog, k18, ssk, yo, k8, yo, k2tog, k6, ssk, yo, k8, yo, k2tog, k18, ssk, yo, k8, yo, k2tog, k6, ssk, yo, k4


Dec Round:

(K10, k2tog) around (88) sts. Purl 3 rounds. BO in purl



With #15 needles and 2 strands, CO 5 sts and work a 5-st I-cord for 42 inches. BO


Closure: (Make 2)

With #11 needles work 3-st I-cord for 15 inches. BO



Thread handle I-cord through eyelet holes as follows:

With CO edge, weave from public to private side of the 2nd yo, from the private to public side of the 3rd yo, from the public to private side of the 4th yo. Proceed in this manner until all holes have been used and the CO end is on the public side of first hole. Sew the CO and BO ends of I-cord together.


Weave in ends.  Felt purse and 3-st I cords in usual manner.


Attach Closure

Make a Chinese Button Knot or knot of choice in the center of one 3-st I-cord and sew in place on one side of opening. Make a loop with other I cord and sew on other side of opening, adjusting to appropriate length and cut to fit.

Copyright © September 2005 by Ann V. Gallentine, Clayton KS

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